Vision, Mission & HI


The Best Medical Care and Research Institution with Global Competitiveness The Hallym University Medical Center has begun to take the new and daunting challenge of becoming a global medical care and research institution뷼ts future. From the cornerstone of medical care in Korea to a world-class hospital the HUMC, in accordance with the spirit of "Mighty Hallym," will continue to take a great leap and accumulate its global competitiveness.



01. To Dedicate to the Welfare of Humankind, 02. To Lay the Foundation of Public Health Care, 03. To Provide Medical Services with Love and Equality

Core Values

- Patient-oriented Healthcare : We dedicate ourselves to do our best for patient's recovery, always with love and care for patients as member of our family. - Pleasant Work Atmosphere : We create and maintain a cheerful and hamonious work environment, based on mutual trust and cooperation among the faculty members.  - Creative Research and Education : Wemake continuous efforts to conduct creative academic research and education, to acquire new knowledge and medical skills.  - Enforcement of Leadship and Management : Wemanage the time and resources efficiently, and devote ouselves to our tasks and responsibilitles, creating a hard-working environment.  - Prespecive, Future-Oriented Attitude : We take initiative with a future-oriented attitude, creatng new values by new paradigm and promoting innovation, for growth of both the individual and the hospital.


HALLYM UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTERHallym (玲경옑) is defined as a group of best scholars. Han (玲), an imaginary bird, is able to fly higher than the others, and get a better and wider view of the world. It is symbolic of the founding philosophy of Hallym University which pursues elite education. In other words, the Han-Bie Spirit (玲곈짏깄曄), or its excellence in flight, embodies the very spirit of Hallym University.

The image of a bird created by the initials, H and L, symbolizes the talented individuals at Hallym University. The initials each represent Humanity and Leadership. The elegant flight of the bird visualizes the university's outgoing spirit for globalization and the future.

Reflecting the spirit of the university, the symbol mark of Hallym University Medical Center (HUMC) expresses integrity and warm-heartedness of its people in pink, and a will for true devotion and faithful treatment in gray which symbolizes accurate and scientific diagnoses.