The Proud 41 Years of Trust and Love


1971 (Dec. 18)
Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital founded
1975 (Feb. 20)
Sacred Heart Charity Hospital open with 100 beds, providing free medical services for low-income family
1977 (Jan. 1)
Seoul Dongsan Hospital with 250 beds integrated into HUMC
1977 (Jan. 30)
Mariana Medical Center, Guam open and operated on consignment


1980 (Jan. 11)
Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital established
1981 (Dec. 9)
Shinlim Welfare Center founded
1982 (Jan. 8)
Hallym College open by Ilsong Educational Foundation
1982 (Dec. 30)
Chuncheon Junior Nursing College integrated into Foundation
1984 (Dec. 10)
Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital founded
1986 (Apr. 1)
Burn Center set up at Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital
1986 (Oct. 22)
Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital founded
1987 (May 12)
First pancreas transplant successful in Korea
1988 (Nov. 10)
Hallym College reborn as Hallym University


1990 (Jan. 1)
Hallym Academy of Sciences established
1991 (Oct. 25)
Korea Gerontology Center open
1995 (Jun. 1)
Order Communication System (OCS), developed by Kangdong Sacred Heart
Hospital, became operational for the first time in Korea
1999 (Mar. 6)
Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital founded


2002 (Jan. 4)
Successful simultaneous transplant of kidney and pancreas at Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital
2002 (Aug. 12)
Declaration of vision for "Mighty Hallym"
2004 (Sep. 21)
International Affiliation Agreement with, Columbia, Weill Cornell,
and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
First international symposium held at Lotte Hotel
2004 (Oct. 12)
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) introduced
2004 (Dec. 29)
Hallym Institute of Advanced International Studies (HIAIS) open
2005 (Jan. 6)
Overseas Medical Assistance Team dispatched to Tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka
2007 (Mar. 20)
Hallym University Dental Hospital open
2007 (Jul. 13)
HUMC designated as PMC for health and medical care aid to Iraq
2007 (Nov. 30)
HUMC designated as PMC to counsel hospital building project in Central Vietnam
2008 (May 22)
Declaration of Eco-friendly Management
2008 (June 9)
Hallym Burn Foundation established
2008 (Sep. 22)
International Affiliation Agreement with the University of Oulu in Finland
2008 (Oct. 9)
First Hallym-Uppsala Symposium held at Lotte Hotel
2009 (Jan. 14)
Signing of MOU with U.S. Medical Department Activities, Korea (U.S. MEDDAC-Korea)
2009 (Feb. 25)
International Affiliation Agreement with George Washington University Medical Center
2009 (Mar. 20)
Ilsong Head-and-Neck Cancer Center set up at Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital
2009 (May 21)
Signing of MOU with Rural Development Administration(RDA), and Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials(KIMM)


2010 (Jan. 13)
MOU on Healthcare Services with Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA)
2010 (Feb. 2)
International Affiliation Agreement with Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine(KPUM) & First International Symposium at KPUM in Japan
2010 (Mar. 6)
Declaration of Vision for 쏮ighty Hallym Initiative 2012냽2015
2010 (April 1)
RefoMax Smart OCS/EMR system for mobile launched
2010 (May 8)
Ground-breaking for 6th Hospital in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do
2010 (Aug. 3)
HUMC Designated as PMC for Children셲 Hospital Project(KOICA) in Laos
2010 (Oct. 18)
International Affiliation Agreement with University of Padova & First International Symposium at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital
2010 (Nov. 16)
Research Cooperation Agreement with University of Uppsala
2010 (Nov. 25)
Research Cooperation Agreement with Japan셲 National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology(NCGG)
2011 (March 1)
HUMC reorganized its departments into specialized centers
2011 (May 4)
Fourth Hallym-Uppsala Symposium held at Uppsala University, Sweden
2011 (June 16)
Chuncheon received an accreditation mark from the MOHW
2011 (June 20)
Hallym-Uppsala International Co-Research Laboratory Open in Sweden
2011 (June 21)
Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital received an accreditation mark from the MOHW
2012 (Feb. 27)
Signing of MOU between Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital and Traumatology and Orthopedic National Research Center, Mongolia
2012 (May 14)
International Symposium for the Thirtieth Anniversary of Hallym University held at COEX
2012 (Oct. 29)
Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital open
2013 (May 10)
Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital founded
2013 (May 13)
The international symposium for the grand opening of Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital held
2013 (July 16)
Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital designated as the regional emergency medical center by the MOHW
2013 (Nov. 9)
Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital received an accreditation mark from the MOHW
2014 (May 23)
Sixth Hallym-Uppsala Symposium held at Uppsala University, Sweden
2014 (Oct. 22)
Eleventh Hallym-Columbia-Weill Cornell-NYP symposium held in New York, USA
2014 (Dec. 5)
Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital signs an MOU with Jilin Univ. Hospital, China
2015 (Jan. 1)
Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital designated as Burn Specialty Hospital by MOH
2015 (Oct. 9)
HUMC signs an MOU with University of California, Los Angeles Campus (UCLA)
The first HUMC-UCLA Joint International Conference held in Dongtan
2015 (Dec. 24)
Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital designated as Regional Emergency Medical Center
Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital designated as Regional Emergency Medical Center