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  • Title : Dongtan celebrates 300th robotic surgery using da Vinci Xi


  • The da Vinci robot surgery center at Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital held a ceremony to celebrate its 300th operation of robotic surgery with da Vinci Xi on December 14, 2016. The department of general surgery did 188 surgeries, the largest number of cases, and the robotic gallbladder surgery for patients with acute cholecystits was performed the most among all surgical procedures.

    Dr. Dong Woo Shin, Director of Robotic Surgery Center at the hospital said, 쏧 can say that the achievement was brought by our enthusiastic professors from various departments where robotic surgery is applicable, such as general surgery and urology. As a result, more and more patients began to choose robotic surgery. He also added, 쏻e will keep putting the best efforts we can by developing new robotic surgical skills and making surgical attempt to new fields, so that Hallym University Medical Center can turn into a mecca of robotic surgery.

    By Chul Kwon, Int셪 Cooperation Team, HUMC (