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  • Title : Dr. Wook Chun셲 team develops Hepatic Block Scaffolds


  • Dr. Wook Chun, Professor of Burn Surgery and Burn Institute at Hallym University Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital and his research team succeeded in producing 쁇epatic Block Scaffolds on January 12, 2017, for the first time in the world by using Adipose Stem Cell (ASC) and 3D cell printing technology. Hepatic block scaffolds can be used to recover the damaged function of liver. After 3 years of research since 2014, the team finally made a hepatic block with ASC, using type 1 collagen from pig skins as bio-ink. 3D cell printing technology is a part of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This technology of future medicine uses bio-ink which is made with human stem cells and natural polymers to produce skins, blood vessels, and cartilage through cell printer.

    The research was published in the January 2017 issue of 'Journal of Materials Chemistry B', and is considered to lead to a more positive outlook on developing alternative treatment options for patients with liver failure.

    By Chul Kwon, Int셪 Cooperation Team, HUMC (