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  • Title : Dongtan셲 nephrologists team publishes their findings in PLos One


  • A research team, led by Dr. Ja-Ryong Ko, Dr. Eun Jung Kim and Dr. Jang Won Seo of Nephrology at Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital published their recent findings on total body water in the Library of Science (PLos One).

    The team of three nephrologists estimated total body water of 77 patients receiving hemodialysis and analyzed data on mortality and incidence of cardiovascular diseases for 5 years. The body water inside and outside of the cell membrane was measured separately. The research showed that if edema was caused by increased intracellular fluid, it could mean a patient is making progress in his recovery. Based on the results, the research team developed indicators of the extracellular fluid-to-intracellular fluid volume ratio, which make it possible to detect malnutrition, inflammation, and arteriosclerosis and predict treatment response at once.

    "We can diagnose and treat malnutrition and overhydration of patients receiving hemodialysis by using those indicators," said Dr. Ja-Ryong Koo. "If a patient maintains good nutrition and extracellular fluid is under 57% of intracellular fluid, edema can be considered treatable condition," he added.

    By Ji-Hyeon Choi, Int셪 Cooperation Team, HUMC (