Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital

Welcome to Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital

On behalf of our staff and employees, I wish to express my hearty appreciation for your trust and love.

HUSHH, one of the teaching hospitals of Hallym University College of Medicine, was open in Pyeongchon, Anyang, in 1999, aiming to be 쏷he Best Medical Care and Research Institution with Global Competitiveness. As a university hospital, it is carrying on the best quality education, research and treatment, to contribute to promoting community healthcare.

To reinvent itself as a truly patient-oriented hospital, we will dedicate ourselves to providing top quality treatment, a comfortable environment, and services that satisfy customers. We will also do our best to make a hospital most trusted by customers, and a hospital where they want to visit again.

Thank you.

Kyung-Ho Yu, MD, PhD
Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital