ODA Projects


The Program for Improving Maternal & Child Healthcare Services in Paraguay

image Project Duration : March, 2009 June, 2011
  • To encourage maternal healthcare and decrease a child mortality rate in Asunc
Consulting in
  • Hospital management
  • Selection of medical supplies & instrument by Dept.
  • Education and training

  • Training Programs

image image image

  • A Training Course on the Management of the 3 Hospitals in Asuncion

    - May, 2010 (2 weeks)
    - 9 Doctors
    - Hospital Management, Korean Healthcare System, Use of Medical Equipment and Facilities

The Establishment of a General Hospital in San Pedro

image Project Duration : Dec., 2009 March, 2013
  • To enhance the medical quality and set up a local health care system in San Pedro
Consulting in
  • Construction of a general hospital
  • Listing of medical equipment and facilities
  • Education & Training
  • Dispatch of experts for a baseline survey

  • Baseline Survey

image image

- Feb., 2010 (11days)
- 1 Doctor, 1 Administrator
- Hospital Management , Regional Healthcare System, Needs of Medical Equipment and Facilities