Mighty Hallym

Mighty Hallym

"Mighty Hallym" is a drive for Hallym University Medical Center (HUMC) to commit itself to accelerating cross-the-board change and innovation. During the first phase of the drive between 2002 and 2006, we have strived to improve customer satisfaction and upgrade the quality of education and research.

While drastically remodeling and expanding buildings, we set up a digitalized and integrated medical information system with a Picture Archiving and Communication System(PACS) and an Order Communication System(OCS), which enables Hallym to provide customers with real-time medical services.

We have also offered our medical professionals a wide variety of educational programs on management, and humanity and sociability. To improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction, we have pursued a campaign, "Best Practices" among hospitals, bearing fruitful results.

Entering the second phase of the drive in 2007, Hallym has been prioritizing best medical care, upgrading research capacity, enhanced productivity and greater efficiency to make itself one of the world-class institutions with global competitiveness. With a strategy of "Selection and Concentration," we have picked out specialized medical fields by hospital, and pursued specialization of hospitals and professionalization of medical staff. In the meantime, we have strengthened public relations activities for customers at home and abroad.

On top of this, we at Hallym do our best to grow into a best institution with global excellence for research. To expand research infrastructure, we have increased investments in research and development projects, opened clinical trial centers, established clinical research institutions, and launched diverse research programs through academic-industrial cooperation.

As a part of the effort to produce potential global leaders, Hallym provides medical professionals with opportunities for training at top-notch international institutions.

ECO Hallym

HUMC held a ceremony to declare "Eco-friendly Management" in May, 2008. Faithfully performing social duties on respect for life through medical services and education under the motto of a "Healthy mind, body and society," HUMC declared an eco-friendly management policy to reaffirm its commitment to preserving ecology and natural environment of this planet which finds itself in great jeopardy, For so-called an "ECO Hallym-Green Hospital," we will do our utmost to be contributory to tackling climate change and protecting the environment, pursuing the happiness of mankind and keeping a healthy earth.

We are mapping out concrete strategies; participation in social activities to address global climate change and environmental issues; cooperation with relevant organizations and groups; and reduction in energy, water and materials consumption. Specifically, through the efficient utilization of solar energy, it is expected to reduce the electricity demand for artificial lightening.

Five hospitals of HUMC have been holding a "Best Practice Competition for Eco-Hallym." It is to propose various solutions to efficient utilization of overall energy which ultimately can be introduced into the hospitals. We challenge not only employees at hospitals but also patients, their family, citizens in local community to actively take part in programs for energy savings or protecting the environment.

On top of this, HUMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) on May 21, 2009 with the Rural Development Administration(RDA) and the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials(KIMM) to develop green technologies by carrying out joint research programs on medicine, agriculture and engineering. It is expected that we could take a pivotal role in leading the government-led green growth initiatives.

The ECO Hallym Charter

Best Practice

image imageSince 2005, Hallym University Medical Center (HUMC) has been holding 'The Best Practice Competition' every year to secure global competitiveness for joining a group of leading medical institutions in the world.

Through competition, each HUMC hospital is able to share its experience and know-how in activities for customer satisfaction and productivity improvement, as a part of Mighty Hallym Drive on change and innovation. The event also encourages sound competition among hospitals, while upgrading the level of change and innovation activities and strengthening the foundation of securing competitiveness.

Every year, HUMC hospitals share their successful programs and activities on competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and establishment of an advanced organizational culture.

Forum for Beefing Up Professor's Competence

image imageHallym University Medical Center held a 'Forum for Beefing Up Professor's Competence' at the COEX on August 31, 2008, with 350 clinical professors attending.

Professors debated actively on two major issues: 'How to Revitalize Research,' and 'How to Establish Hallym's Brand.' On the first issue, participants offered their opinions on 'The status of support and research facilities,' 'Developing Hallym's research competence,' 'Revitalizing multidisciplinary clinical research,' 'Securing high quality experts,' 'suggestions on research support programs and facilities,' and 'Cooperating with the school of basic medicine.' Regarding the brand issue, discussions focused on 'The status of HUMC's brand,' 'Hallym University's paradigm switch,' 'Establishing the quality of professors,' 'Revitalizing internal medicine,' 'Revitalizing a surgical field,' and 'activating a medical supportive field.'

HUMC is striving to keep growing, by activating research fields, establishing its brand capacity, and accommodating global economic changes. As a part of this effort, Hallym has been holding weekly video conferences to upgrade faculty competitiveness since October, 2008.