Social Welfare Services

imageSince the founding of Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital in 1971, Hallym has pursued free medical service programs in remote villages without doctors, flooded areas, and welfare centers around the country. In a similar vein, the HUMC has operated the Shinlim Welfare Center, the Yongdungpo Senior Welfare Center, the Chuncheon Hallym Youth Welfare Center, and the Dongan-gu Senior Public Health Center. By 2008 approximately 3.2 million people have received Hallym's medical care and community welfare programs.

Hallym's philanthropic programs are not confined to Korea. Its overseas medical services have expanded over the years. Among others, Hallym offered free medical care and medical equipment to residents in Fiji in 1996, and 1997. In particular, HUMC donated rescue funds as well as treated about 1,500 people in Sri Lanka when it was severely affected by Tsunami at the end of 2004.

Since July in 2007, Hallym has been participating in the official development assistant (ODA) projects which were organized by the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) as a medical consultant for disadvantaged countries such as Iraq and Vietnam. Its participation was designed to realize its founding principle: practicing medical services of love and equality, and pursuing happiness of mankind worldwide. Hallym claims to be the world-best in the welfare services.