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  • Title : Dongtan holds Symposium for its New Cancer Center
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  • Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital held the ‘Cancer Symposium & Training Sessions for Doctors in Local Clinics in Gyeonggi province‘ on November 8 to celebrate the opening of its new Cancer Center. Around 80 people including Director Kyu-Hyung Ryu of the hospital, cancer specialists and doctors in Gyeonggi province participated in the event.

    The symposium began with an opening speech by Director Kyu-Hyung Ryu. The sessions were comprised of presentations dealing with various topics. Dr. Hyun Joo Jang of Gastroenterology & Hepatology lectured on colorectal cancer and Dr. Min Sun Kyung of Obstetrics & Gynecology explained gynecological tumor. Dr. Byung Su Kim of Hematology-Oncology introduced chemotherapy, and Director Dong Woo Shin of Cancer Center presented on various cancers including stomach cancer, hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, urological cancer, head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, neurological cancer, and breast cancer.

    By Chul Kwon, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (