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  • Title : Dongtan’s new hybrid OR expands surgical capabilities
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  • Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital opened a hybrid operating room for the first time in the southeastern part of Gyeonggi province.

    The new hybrid OR at Dongtan hospital allows doctors to perform multiple surgical and non-surgical interventions for cerebrovascular diseases.

    The hybrid OR is equipped with Allura Clarity FD20/15, the state-of-the-art angiography system developed by Phillips. It gives doctors the highest resolution 3D images of vascular condition during surgical interventions.

    In addition, a surgical table that automatically place a patient in a proper position according to the position of the angiography system was installed as well. It enables doctors to adjust the position of the patient’s head and perform vascular anastomosis through craniotomy. Dongtan hospital plans to use this new facility for all types of vascular surgeries including cardiovascular, aorta and peripheral vessels.

    “We are happy to have this hybrid operating room with advanced equipment. We will be able to give better treatment to patients with vascular disease,” said Professor Jung Hyun Park of Neurosurgery. “So far, the patients had to move around different places in the hospital depending on their symptoms, which exposed them to the risk of high blood pressure or recurrent bleeding. However, the new hybrid operating room gave us much safer environment and enabled our doctors perform interventions and surgeries at the same time,” he added.

    By Chul Kwon, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (