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  • Title : Hallym University honors Dr. Anders Hallberg with doctorate degree
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  • Hallym University awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Medicine to Dr. Anders Hallberg, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and President Emeritus of Uppsala University, Sweden on September 18, 2019. Dr. Hallberg was honored for his academic achievement, research accomplishment in inventing Candidate Drugs and his crucial role in strengthening the ties between Hallym and Uppsala Universities.

    Dr. Hallberg was appointed Professor and Chair of Medicinal Chemistry at Uppsala University in 1990, where he subsequently served as Dean for Research, Deputy Vice President for Medicine/Pharmacy, and Dean of faculty of Pharmacy. He then served as President of Uppsala University from 2006 to 2011.

    Dr. Hallberg specializes in developing pharmaceutical protein targets, including low-molecular weight ligands. He developed new strategies for the design and synthesis of these small, drug-like molecules. His most significant achievement is a treatment for hepatitis C called “Simeprevir,” which was launched in 2013. His research group also found the first drug-like selective and potent angiotensin 2 receptor agonist, which is now undergoing clinical evaluation to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

    “All members of Hallym including myself are very proud and honored to have President Emeritus Anders Hallberg as an Honorary Doctor,” said President Choongsoo Kim of Hallym University. “I am confident that this will contribute to Hallym’s growth into a world-class university and building stronger ties between our two universities as well as our two nations.” He added.

    Chairman Dai-Won Yoon of Hallym University congratulated Dr. Hallberg by saying, “Thanks to your continued unsparing support that was both productive and practical, our close relationship could have brought us to the 11th Hallym-Uppsala International Symposium today, having enabled the joint researches for faculty members and clinical observership for medical students of the two institutions for a decade.”

    “Hallym and Uppsala have been cooperating and collaborating in numerous areas, and will be developing further friendly relationship,” said Dr. Hallberg. “I am truly grateful for the Honorary Doctorate.” He added.

    By Yongjae Kim, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (