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  • Title : Kangnam performs computer navigated shoulder replacement
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  • The newly adopted surgical technique, the computer navigated shoulder joint replacement, of Hallym University Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital has satisfied the patients.

    Surgeries using computer navigation have been mainly used for replacement surgeries of hips and knees but for more sophisticated surgery, Professor Kyu Cheol Noh of Orthopedic Surgery first introduced the computer navigation in total shoulder replacement arthroplasty last September.

    First of all, CT image of a patient is converted into 3D stereoscopic image before the surgery to perform simulation on how to plan and deploy artificial joint insertion. Once the simulation is performed, the orthopedic surgeons remove the damaged bone and insert the artificial joint by matching the image to the patient’s surgical site.

    In surgery using computer navigation, infrared cameras track the location of the surgical site and guide the direction and length of the area where the artificial joint can be fixed. This minimized complications and side effects by preventing unnecessary protrusion of the inserted screws.

    “By using computer navigation, it allows to accurately measure the bone angle, the thickness, and the gap, making it easier to find the best location for inserting artificial joints,” said Professor Kyu Cheol Noh and added, “As the new surgical technique enables us to insert the artificial joints within the error range of fewer than 2 degrees, patients are satisfied with the results.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (