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  • Title : Chuncheon ranks top in patient experience in Gangwon-do
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  • Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital achieved the top spot in Gangwon-do for the second Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREM) of the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA).

    PREM is a survey conducted by HIRA on inpatients at 154 hospitals with more than 300 beds. Through the survey, HIRA evaluated the quality of medical services such as hospitalization experience, services from doctors and nurses, medication and treatment process, and hospital environment.

    According to HIRA, Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital ranked top in Gangwon-do with a total score of 497.56 points, solidifying its status as a ‘patient-oriented hospital.’ Out of the total 6 evaluation areas, Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital received the highest score in Gangwon-do in four areas – service from a doctor, medication and treatment process, patients’ rights, and hospital environment.

    Most notably, the ‘Patient Rounds Notification Service’ which informs the doctor’s rounding schedule in advance, and the ‘Mind Knock Card’ which helps patients fully solve their questions during patient rounding are both receiving positive responses.

    The Mind Knock Card service was designed to encourage the participation of patients and their families in the course of treatment. By writing down what patients are curious about on the Mind Knock Card in front of the bed, it helps patients to solve their questions in the course of treatment and have more opportunities to communicate directly with physicians.

    “Thanks to our patients who come and visit us with their trust, we received a good mark in the evaluation,” said Director Jae Jun Lee of the hospital and added, “We will continue to make efforts to improve the medical service and create a patient-oriented environment by listening carefully to their voices.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (