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  • Title : Hallym to collaborate with SEERSTECH for Digital Smart Hospital Project
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  • Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital concluded an MOU with SEERSTECH on the establishment of a smart hospital.

    The ceremony, which was attended by Director Kyung Ho Yu of the hospital, Chief Administrative Officer Ki Hyun Kim, Director Jungeun Shim of nursing department, Chief Planning Officer Me Yeon Lee, Professor Hong Euy Lim of Cardiology, CEO Young Shin Lee and Vice President Sung Myung Park of SEERSTECH, was held at the hospital on November 3.

    Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the field of critical care medicine with the nation’s first brain saver system for stroke patients, severe emergency patient care, ECMO system, and lung transplantation program. In addition, as the only tertiary hospital in the region of Anyang, Gunpo, Uiwang and Gwacheon, the hospital has been serving as the control tower of the local community for the COVID-19.

    Through this agreement, Hallym plans to create good examples of future medicine by combining SEERSTECH’s globally recognized technologies in wearable medical devices and non-contact treatments into actual clinical fields.

    The hospital is planning to upgrade its infection control and patient convenience against the COVID-19 threat by establishing a non-contact treatment system. It will monitor its cardiovascular patients in real-time with wearable medical devices and non-contact medical equipment and establish various types of smart medical treatment process. Furthermore, the two institutions will cooperate with each other for the entire progress of the smart hospital establishment including the commercialization of the medical sector and exchange of R&D.

    “Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital pursues a digitalized smart hospital by adopting various IT technologies for patient convenience and quality improvement. With this agreement signed, we look forward to taking one step further into the full-fledged smart hospital that leads the domestic medical field,” said Director Kyung Ho Yu of the hospital.

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (