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  • Title : Kangnam honored for prevention and management of infectious diseases
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  • Hallym University Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital received an award as an excellent institution for the '2021 Medical-Related Infectious Disease Prevention and Management Project' from the Commissioner of Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).

    The medical-related infectious disease prevention and management project is designed to respond to infectious diseases effectively by establishing the nationwide regional infection control network and identifying the trends and spread of medical-related infectious diseases. KDCA awarded the awards to encourage the front-line healthcare workers who have worked hard to prevent infectious disease over the past year and to praise the medical institutions for their contribution to improving the quality of public healthcare.

    Only 33 medical institutions nationwide were honored for this award. Hallym University Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital received good marks for monitoring and responding to the epidemic of infectious diseases, preemptive prevention of infectious diseases, and outstanding contribution to reducing the infection rate through efficient and effective management for infectious disease.

    “I believe it is the result of the heartfelt efforts of our staff who are committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases at the very forefront despite the risk of COVID-19,” said Director Young-Goo Lee. He added, “We will continue to do our best to prevent the spread of infectious diseases for the health and safety of local residents.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (