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  • Title : Hallym joins telemedicine seminar of Denmark Embassy
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  • Director Kyung-Ho Yu of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital gave a lecture at a seminar on telemedicine hosted by the Embassy of Denmark to Korea on September 30.

    On the topic of ‘Implementation of telemedicine platform in hospital practice,’ Director Yu introduced actual cases in the clinical fields and experiences and responses of patients. During the presentation, he showed Hallym’s telemedicine communication platform among medical staff and the ‘Hallym Smart Booth,’ the newly developed contactless testing booth with Seers Technology.

    Since 2013, the Ministries of Health of Korea and Denmark signed an MOU for medical cooperation and have established a close relationship.

    After the welcome message from Danish Ambassador Einar Jensen, speakers from various institutions including Hallym University Sacred Sacred Heart Hospital, the Korean Medical Association(KMA), the Korea Telemedicine Society(KTS), Seoul National University, and the Seers Technology presented their topics on telemedicine.

    “Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital is making efforts to find the solution for global common issues of coronavirus pandemic, and we finally came up with the idea of the contactless testing booth,” said Director Yu. He added, “Through a continuous communication with healthcare companies and Danish Embassy, we will dedicate ourselves to the development of medical science as a leading patient-oriented smart hospital.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (