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  • Title : Dongtan holds childbirth class for USFK parents-to-be
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  • Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital held a childbirth class for mothers-to-be of USFK at the auditorium on November 17.

    As a part of HUMC’s WeRo Campaign which aims at improving patient experience and giving hope to patients, this event was designed to give a better understanding of safe childbirth for mothers of USFK who are worried about giving birth in an unfamiliar foreign country. About 30 mothers and family members participated in childbirth-related lectures, tours of rooming-in and nursery room, and went through 3D ultrasonography.

    The 3D ultrasound examination by Professor Kyu Sang Kyeong of Obstetrics & Gynecology, received the most positive response. 3D ultrasound can see the fetus vividly and can diagnose the fetus's health condition and abnormality, but it is known as very expensive in U.S. Dongtan hospital did this exam for free, printed out the picture of the fetus, and presented it to each family in a frame, which made a great impression to all participants. The 3D exam was supported by an ultrasound diagnosis equipment manufacturer, Samsung Medison.

    Professor Kyeong of OB & GY gave a lecture on ‘Management of fetuses and mothers by week of pregnancy’ and ‘Caution of childbirth and high-risk childbirth.’ It was followed by the lectures on ‘Treatment and management of newborns right after childbirth,’ and ‘Treatment and management of high-risk newborns’ by Professor Seo Heui Choi of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine.

    The tour of the nursery room and neonatal intensive care unit was conducted outside the wards for infection control. Meanwhile, participants were introduced to a case of a premature baby who was born at 25 weeks of pregnancy, and they were very impressed by the fact that the baby is now ready to be discharged without any neurological complications after the hospital’s careful treatment.

    Participants also showed a keen interest in rooming-in of the hospital. Rooming-in is a space where parents and a child can be together right after childbirth and has the advantage of helping mothers learn childcare quickly and adapt to breastfeeding.

    A mother who participated in the event said, "I was quite nervous and worried about the childbirth, but the information and measures for the emergency situation you gave were very helpful.” And she added, "It was such a precious and unforgettable experience for me to see my baby through the 3D ultrasound exam."

    Professor Seok Jin Hong of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery who serves as the chair of the International Committee said, “This program was organized to thank USFK patients who continuously visit our hospital, and we are happy to see the participants were satisfied with our service and the program.”

    “We hope this childbirth class will be of great help to USFK mothers who plan to give birth in Korea, an unfamiliar foreign country. And I think it was a good chance to show and introduce our high-quality medical service and cutting-edge facilities,” said Director Seong Ho Lee of Dongtan Hospital.

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (