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  • Title : HUMC opens Metaverse-based Children’s Burn Hospital
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  • In celebration of HUMC’s 50th anniversary, a Metaverse-based Children’s Burn Hospital was opened on December 21, 2021. The virtual hospital is designed to provide service for patients and customers without any physical or spatial barriers, especially for the patients who are worried about visiting hospital due to COVID-19.

    You can access to Metaverse-based Children’s Burn Hospital by visiting website address ‘’

    The Metaverse hospital consists of a park square and six virtual service areas including a counseling room, a classroom, an exhibition hall, a play room, and an auditorium. Visitors are able to join various programs such as burn safety and prevention, information on acute burn patient treatment, self-management after burns, and social welfare counseling.

    Without having to go to the hospital or searching for healthcare information by themselves, visitors can easily access burn safety programs, first aid education, rehabilitation exercise video, medical social welfare information, and burn treatment process information by only connecting to the metaverse hospital. The request for medical consultation and reservation are also available.

    From December 27th to January 2nd 2022, the Homecoming Day for burn patients, the Golden Bell covering information on burn safety, and the Hope Sharing Exhibition will be held.

    Executive Director Hee-Sung Yoon of HUMC said, “We opened this Metaverse Children’s Burn Hospital in order to provide the most convenient and high-quality services to our patients and we will keep expanding this solution to all clinical departments.” He added, “We will also launch various online telemedicine programs, education programs, and healthcare solutions based on the smart hospital system with big data, AI, and VR technologies and the simulation center system.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (