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  • Title : Dongtan’s Emergency Medical Center ranks top in Korea
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  • The Local Emergency Medical Center of Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital ranked first among 126 local emergency medical centers in Korea in the evaluation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

    The annual emergency medical center evaluation of MOHW is designed to improve the level of emergency medical service in the country. This year, the evaluation criteria included the national share of severe emergency patients, the composition rate of severe patients, the rate of final treatment, and the rate of transferred ER patients, as well as basic indicators such as facilities, equipment, and manpower.

    Dongtan hospital received a perfect score in all categories and ranked the top in the nation with final points of 101 including additional bonus points.

    Since Dongtan hospital has been highly evaluated excellent in the rate of direct treatment from specialists in an appropriate time for the severe emergency patients every year, the result of this year also marked very high at 97.5%.

    This indicator means that most patients who come to Dongtan’s emergency room are treated by specialists, not by residents or interns and then transferred to the intensive care units or discharged.

    Meanwhile, the emergency medical center of Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital has maintained a 24-hour specialist-centered treatment system since its opening. As it can quickly provide professional medical services to emergency patients of pediatric and internal medicine, it is playing a big role in reducing the waiting time in the emergency room.

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (