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  • Title : Hallym launches VR and Metaverse-based clinical training
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  • Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital conducted a clinical skill training program for newly employed nurses using the metaverse platform and VR devices on July 14. The program was organized with Newbase, a medical metaverse simulation platform company, and was designed to upgrade the clinical skills of new nurses and improve their first aid skills.

    In various spaces including general wards, operating rooms, ICUs, and emergency rooms of a virtually implemented hospital in the metaverse environment, nurses were able to experience various emergencies that could occur in the clinical field and practice the necessary nursing skills repeatedly.

    The programs including triage of severity, nursing for respiratory patients (including COVID-19 patients), nerve system assessment, intravenous injection, and blood collection were provided, and the virtual patients in the metaverse can communicate with nurses and respond to their treatments like real patients.

    “As there is a study that medical staff who have undergone simulation training are more than three times more skilled than those who have not, professional and lively training for medical staff is very important,” said Director Kyung Ho Yu of the hospital. He added, “We will continue to develop various programs and train our staff to improve our medical service and patient safety.”

    A Newbase official said, “The medical metaverse platform can provide the trainees with efficient training experience based on its high immersion and satisfaction.” He added, “We will keep working with Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital to upgrade and elaborate the current program.”

    Meanwhile, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital is making efforts to lead the future of the medical industry by implementing the medical data-centered hospital support project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the smart hospital model development project, the AI voucher support project of the Ministry of Science and ICT, and AI and 5G-based robot convergence model demonstration project.

    By Jonghun Im, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (