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  • Title : HUMC successfully holds the '2022 Hallym Universe Metaverse Festival'
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  • Hallym University Medical Center built a ‘Hallym Universe’ Metaverse map on DITOLAND, an interactive Metaverse platform of Company ‘UT Plus’, and held a festival for 10 days from September 21st to 30th with faculty members and their families.

    The event was attended by 1,700 people including all faculty members and families of five HUMC Hospitals, Hallym University, Hallym Polytechnic University, and Sillym Welfare Center under Ilsong Educational Foundation. The cumulative number of people who visited the festival for 10 days is about 5,900.

    Hallym Universe was created to provide opportunities for faculty members to freely communicate, unite, and harmonize within the Metaverse. In Hallym Universe, avatars of Chairman Dai-Won Yoon of Ilsong Educational Foundation, Executive Director Hee-Sung Yoon, President of Hallym University and Directors of HUMC Hospitals greeted the faculty members who entered the platform and added a sense of familiarity. In addition, it raised expectations by showing the internal facilities of the new building of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital which is scheduled to be completed.

    Each participant entered Hallym Universe Metaverse after decorating their avatars by choosing doctor’s uniform, nurse’s uniform or casual clothes according to their personality. Afterwards, participants were able to watch a video for the 100th anniversary and a 50-year history of the medical center at the Ilsong History Museum, and a video of the award-winning works from Children's Metaverse Painting Contest and the 2021 Eco-Hallym Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Campaign. They watched videos related to the Metaverse in virtual space to increase their understanding of the Metaverse and participated in a bazaar at the Market booth of ‘Sharing.’ Proceeds from the bazaar will be donated to low-income patients at Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital.

    The faculty member who participated in the festival said, "It was amazing to experience the Metaverse that I only heard about through Hallym Universe." He also added, "I had a time to communicate, enjoy and harmonize while communicating with my colleagues, and I was able to think about how to apply the Metaverse at work."

    Executive Director Hee-Sung Yoon said, “This festival was an opportunity for faculty members to experience the Metaverse in a fun way and increase their understanding of the virtual world. In particular, it is a great significance in that the medical, educational, and welfare institutions affiliated with Ilsong Educational Foundation gathered in the Metaverse to build a team. In the future, we will combine technologies such as augmented reality (AR) to experience a more advanced Metaverse.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (