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Welcome to Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital

Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital was established in 1984 in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do where proper medical services were not available for its residents. Since its inauguration, it has solely dedicated itself to playing an important role to promoting healthcare services in the region, evolving into a major tertiary hospital in Gangwon-do. Such a success would not have been possible without the trust and love of its neighbors. Our hospital received an accreditation mark from the Ministry of Health and Welfare(MOHW) on June 16, 2011. It is the first medical center in Gangwon-do accredited by the government. The accreditation program is designed to evaluate patient safety and the quality of medical services.

All of our hospital staff and employees are striving today to meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality medical services through innovation and creative efforts. As a result, we enjoy a national leading edge in treating problems with digestive organs, spine, and joint diseases with the help of endoscopes and noninvasive procedures. Our efforts are now being directed towards ultimately providing world-class medical services.

With the advent of the aging society, we are arming ourselves with the most advanced medical units for radiation therapy treatments of cancer, and moving to introduce the newest diagnostic equipment to deal with heart and cerebrovascular diseases in the near future. Chuncheon is now coming up with a sports exercise therapy, a newly specialized treatment model for treating adult diseases to which any domestic medical institutions have specialized approaches.

Based on creative research, we are exerting sustained efforts to enhance the quality of medical services and that of training medical students, interns, and residents.

We promise to accomplish the missions bestowed upon us by providing the community with more health education programs and with the most up-to-date medical information on our hospital website. We will also dedicate ourselves to making Chuncheon a truly patient-oriented and the most trusted hospital.

Thank you.

Jae Jun Lee, MD
Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital