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Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital

22, Gwanpyeong-ro 170beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 14068, Republic of Korea
- Tel. +82-31-380-4026
- E-mail:

Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital

1, Singil-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07441, Republic of Korea
- Tel. +82-2-829-5715

Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital

77, Sakju-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 24253, Republic of Korea
- Tel. +82-33-240-5675

Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital

12, Beodeunaru-ro 7-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07247, Republic of Korea
- Tel. +82-2-2639-5012

Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital

7, Keunjaebong-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 18450, Republic of Korea
- Tel. +82-031-8086-2300