Hallym Institute for Translational Medicine

Establishing a solid infrastructure for translational research with high-tech facilities and talented researchers, the new center will carry out researches on treating specific diseases including cancers, aging, neurodegenerative diseases, and unknown infectious diseases. The center will play a crucial role in making Hallym a topclass medical and research institution with global competitiveness.

Hallym Institute for Translational Medicine (Hallym)

Hallym Institute for Translational Medicine (Dongtan)

Hallym Institute for Translational Medicine (Kangnam)

Hallym Institute for Clinical Medicine

Hallym Institute for Clinical Medicine aims at promoting research on clinical medicine in and out of Korea through standardized clinical research policy and system among five HUMC hospitals. It manages a department for human research protection and offers consultations on study design, progress and performance in addition to education programs for clinical trial staff and administrative support. Through these efforts, it provides researchers with the best possible environment for clinical research.

Hallym Institute for Clinical Medicine

Office of Human Research Protection Program

Clinical Trial Center

The center aims at helping researchers perform clinical trials at international level for the development of new drugs and medicine. It supports early- and late-stage clinical trials as well as conducting various clinical research based on ICH-GCP guidelines and other standards for clinical trial and medical device regulations in Korea.

Clinical Trial Center

Hallym Institute for Medical Simulation

Hallym Institute for Medical Simulation (HIMS) is equipped with cutting-edge facilities for clinical trainings, video and audio system. It gives medical staff a chance to train themselves in the most realistic circumstances. The aim of HIMS is to provide patients with safe medical service by training doctors and nurses through medical simulation program.

Hallym Institute for Medical Simulation (Hallym)

Hallym Institute for Medical Simulation (Dongtan)

Ilsong Institute of Life Science

Established in 1994, the Ilsong Institute of Life Science has gained a nation-wide reputation on aging and neurodegenerative diseases. The institute performs basic researches on life science including aging-related diseases, cell biology, genetics and virology. As the unique diagnostic center for Creutzfeld Jacob Disease(CJD) in Korea, basic scientific research on pathogenesis of prion-related illness, the so-called ‘Mad Cow Disease,’ is carried out at the institute. It also operates a national hepatitis C virus research center funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF), and a Hallym-Uppsala international laboratory in Sweden. The institute was designated as a center for aging research by the Ministry of Health and Welfare(MOHW), and is now working on “Aging Mechanism and Development of Anti-aging Drugs.”

Hallym institute of Translational Genomics & Bioinformatics

The institute produces the most satisfactory outcome on research and clinical services in the field of organ transplantation immunology in the nation. This institute specializes in exploring and utilizing useful genetic information for patients, thus allowing rapid and accurate diagnoses of diseases as well as helping to establish efficient treatment plans.

Hallym Institute of Translational Genomics & Bioinformatics

Institute of Natural Medicine

Supported by various national grants, its main attention is drawn to basic science for a central nervous system, its related diseases, the development of new CNS drugs and their pharmacological mechanism.

Institute of Clinical Epidemiology

The institute performs a clinical epidemiological study of its patients and local residents on an occurrence and progress of diseases including prevalence, diagnosis, prognosis, and effectiveness of treatment. With the ability to do basic research on life science and clinical geriatric research of Hallym University Medical Center, the institute will fundamentally create synergetic effects in a new clinical geriatric medical research.

Institute of Nanobio-Regenerative Medicine

The institute contributes to the development of medicine and biotechnology through researches on medical science and production of biomaterials for public healthcare.

Hallym-Uppsala International Co-Research Laboratory at Uppsala

The laboratory, located in Uppsala University, Sweden was set up in 2011 jointly by Hallym University College of Medicine and Uppsala University Faculty of Medicine. Professors of Hallym and Uppsala carries out joint researches on neurodegenerative diseases associated with protein misfolding including Alzheimer’s, Prion and Parkinson’s diseases, and the development of biomarkers for the early diagnosis of diseases. The center holds annual symposiums and implements exchange programs for students and faculty. Hallym and Uppsala plans to further expand joint research activities with the Karolinska Institute and Lund University of Sweden and Padova University of Italy.