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  • Title : Dr. Eko Agus Subagio (Indonesia) with a TESTIMONIAL
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  • NameDr. Eko Agus Subagio
    Dr. Soetomo Hospital
    Training PeriodMarch - May, 2006
    Training Dept.Spine Center
    Hallym University Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital
    SupervisorProf. Seok Woo Kim


    Q1) How did you join the Fellowship Program at Hallym UniversityMedical Center, and get to know your mentor at Hallym?
    I met Prof. Seok Woo Kim in Jakarta (Spine seminars, and live surgery)

    Q2) Main purposes and the field of your fellowship training
    Spine surgery

    Q3) Were you satisfied with medical expertise and communication skills of the Hallym faculty?
    Yes, it was excellent training. I have been spent beautiful time there.

    Q4) How have you / are your going to put your training experience at Hallym back to your career at your institution?
    Yes I have applied many technique which I got from Prof Seok Woo Kim.

    Q5) Throughout your training at Hallym, have you found its strengths which would be attractive for potential patients from your country?
    Yes, of Course.

    Q6) Based on your experience at Hallym which has been in hot pursuit of globalization, please give us your thoughtful advice for our endeavors.
    After all this time, I have gone to several international spine event, I found that Hallym University’s Spine Center is above international standart everage.

    Q7) Other Comments.
    Please try to make Hallym’s international Spine Seminar where all of the fellow gathered together.